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If you have just a few pairs of spectacles that you would like to donate, check with your optician whether they collect them as many of our Lions Clubs have collection bins, and send them to us in bulk. You could send them directly to us at the address below but that would be at your own cost (we cannot use the courier service for small parcels). We do not collect cases so you can exclude them.

For Lions Clubs and other organisations with bulk spectacles they have collected, please follow the instructions which follow:

There are 2 methods of shipping spectacles to us:

Donate Your Spectacles

  1. Pack the specs loose in stout well sealed boxes, with a maximum weight of 10 kg
  2. Address them to: Chichester Lions Club, c/o The Apuldram Centre, Common Farm, Appledram Lane South, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7PE

3.  Call Sue Boucher on 0844 963 2443 for latest instructions to contact Parcelforce. If you have used Parcelforce in the past please check details with Sue to ensure that the information is up to date.

4. Please include your name, club/organisation, date dispatched, and e-mail address (if possible), preferably on a separate sheet inside the parcel. Don’t worry if you do not receive an acknowledgement - with so many deliveries we are not always able to respond to them all, although we do try.

If you have any difficulty, please contact Lion Sue Boucher on 0844 963 2443 or e-mail us at


Visitors at our open day on world sight day 2017

To avoid unnecessary handling, we would be grateful if you would throw away the following before shipment:

We have a number of collection points for both your unwanted spectacles and hearing aids in Chichester:

These establishments will be happy to receive spectacles and hearing aids on our behalf.

We have supplied local hospitals, opticians and Lions Clubs throughout the UK with specially prepared collection bins. These have proved a great success, we can provide the signage to other clubs for locally purchased bins. Please contact Lion Sue Boucher on 0844 963 2443 or email

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