Lions Club of Chichester Member of Lions International District 105SE Charitable Trust Fund Registration No. 1057110

0344 963 2443

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Our float starts at 6pm and if your home is not on our route you are welcome to come and see us at the point closest to where you live.

Sometimes we are forced to make last minute changes to the programme due to weather conditions As far as possible we will update this web page and also our facebook page (


All our evening routes start at 6pm

We try to complete each route but can’t continue past 8.30pm

   Click on the route to get details of the route plans:

   December 2nd – Whyke North

   Starting Rumbolds Close       

   December 4th - Summersdale

   Starting Winterbourne Rd

   December 6thFishbourne

   Starting Caspian Close

   December 9th - Donnington

   Wiston Avenue (4.30 pm to 5.30pm)

   From 6pm

   Starting Springfield Close

   December 11th – Parklands

   Starting Parklands Rd

   December 12th – Whyke Estate

   Starting Bramber Rd

   December 13th - Sherbourne

   Starting Bishop Luffa Close

   December 14thSt James (3.30pm)

   Starting St James Square

   December 16th – East Broyle

   Starting Little Breach,

   December 18th - Whykedale

   Starting opposite Police station

   December 20th – Arundel Park

   Starting Sandringham Rd

   Static collections – Northgate car park:

   December 7th – 9am to 3pm

   December 14th – 9am to 3pm

   December 21st – 9am to 3pm