Lions Club of Chichester Member of Lions International District 105SE Charitable Trust Fund Registration No. 1057110

0844 963 2443

As a fundraising charity, we aim to provide assistance to needy individuals from our own community and support the work of other charitable organisations within our local area. We also support the work of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), which provides assistance to needy communities throughout the world. To read about the response of Lions worldwide to the most recent events, follow the link to the Lions International Web Site.

Recycling used spectacles has been a major activity for our club and more information on this project can be found on the ‘Spectacles recycling’ page. We are a 'model club' in the Lions International SightFirst campaign. As a model club we donated a total of £11,500 to this campaign. To read more about the aims and achievements of this campaign, click on the SightFirst link.

As a service club operating within our local community, most of our support is directed towards local people and small locally based charities. Lions Clubs are completely autonomous and all decisions are made by the members of the club.

In the financial year ending 30th June 2017, we made a total of £33,079 in donations.

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Donation of cheque to Dementia support Hub.

Spectacles shipment to Medico France.